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Domain Names

A domain name, what is it?
A domain name is your web site address. For example, the domain name for this web site is

How would I go about acquiring a domain name?
If you don't have a domain name, we can help you get one when you sign up and the first year is free.

Are there fees after the first year if lawywerwebtemplates gets me my domain?
Yes, it's an annual fee of $35 that you are charged for the renewal.

Can I use my own domain name if I have one already.
Without a doubt. For those of you who already have a domain name, that's great. All you will have to do after you sign up is change DNS records to point to our web servers. We will guide you in this process after you become a customer.

Can I have a second domain as a pointer?
Yes, you can have as many domain pointers as you like. There is a $5 per month fee per domain pointer.

Who owns my domain if I get it through Lawyerwebtemplates?
All domains registered by lawyerwebtemplates are registered to EZ SITELAUNCH, the parent company of lawyerwebtemplates. We do this for one big reason, it's all controlled by us in terms of renewal. We have seen too many times where a site goes down because the domain was not renewed and now you don't get email, your site is down and you can't track down where the domain went. We handle it all to avoid this risk.

If I get the domain through lawyerwebtemplates and I leave the service can I take my domain?
Yes. There is a $35 transfer fee but it's optional. You only pay this fee if you elect to take the domain with you upon account termination. However, keep in mind, if you acquire your domain name through lawyerwebtemplates upon activation and cancel within 90 days, you will be charged $35 for the domain name. This is a simple precaution on our part to make sure people don't abuse lawyerwebtemplates for a free domain name.

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Domain Names
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