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Is the content manager hard to operate?
No, it's very user friendly. All you need are simple word processing skills and you're on your way to a great web site.

Can I change content once I've added it?
Absolutely! The beauty of a web site is that it is a scalable, fluid medium. You can change it daily, hourly or monthly, whatever you want.

Do the changes I make to the site take long to get on my site?
No. Just make your edits click the save icon and it's on your changes are on your web site in real time.

Do I have flexibility with the content in terms of the way it looks?
Yes. Our content management system allows you to select from a multitude of web fonts, font sizes and font colors. You can also create tables, add bullets, bold, italics, underline and more right within the content manager.

I'm having problems using the content manager, is there any support?
Of course. Besides our intuitive demos which walk you through all aspects of the development process; we offer toll-free live customer support M-F 9am - 5pm EST at 1-866-302-3773 and a support ticket system 24/7/365.

Can I put pictures on my site?
Yes, as many as you like. The Content manager has an easy to use upload function. Browse your local PC, upload and the images are ready to be placed anywhere you want within your site.

Is there any limitations to the content management system?
The only issue is that the content management system is not compatible with a Mac. You won't have any issue viewing the site with a Mac; however, there are some limitations when it comes to the content manager itself.

Content Manager
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